Pulse Oximeter


dual light source Red LED and Infrared red LED

Measurement Range %Sp02 70-99  accuracy + or – 2%

Pulse rate 30-240 pulse/min

Turns off automatically after 8 seconds

Power Supply 2 AAA alkaline batteries

Battery power for a continuing use of 16 hours depending on batteries used

Size 5.5 x 3.3 x 3 cm

Weight 37 gram excluding batteries

Warranty 12 month warranty

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Measure your own oxygen saturation and pulse rate with a “peg” on your finger

Small, lightweight and convenient for travel

Will not measure accurately if wearing nail polish

Includes oximeter,  lanyard, batteries AAA

LED display reads oxygen concentration and heart rate non invasively

For intermittent use not for continuous monitoring

Ideal for oxygen therapy assessment, health management, sports,

Good quality


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