Our Charity Work

Hi and thanks for having a look at our charity page.

As former nurses (and owners) of Bronans Mobility we also run this charity and devote a great deal of our time to helping those less fortunate by providing them the skills to help themselves.

AHPA is a non-profit organisation made up of voluntary nurses who are committed to assisting the poor in developing countries, principally Vietnam, by providing basic health care and health education for mothers, babies and children.

AHPA mission is to impact the lives of villagers by providing them with necessary health education, skills and tools to improve and sustain better health care.

If you would like to know more please take a look at our charity website.


  • AHPA Water Well Projects

    AHPA fund the construction of wells (bores) in villages to provide water for drinking, cooking and hygiene purposes.
  • AHPA Village Projects

    AHPA assist poor indigenous villagers to improve their hygiene by providing for their basic needs.
  • AHPA Handicrafts Fundraising

    We have a proud of achievements that we have created including our Handicrafts Fundraising.
  • AHPA Midwives Projects

    AHPA MIDWIVES PROJECTS focus on improving maternal outcomes by assisting indigenous midwives and pregnant women with health education, skills, tools and care packages.