Our Charity Work

Hi and thanks for having a look at our charity page.

Please note we have voluntary deregistered our charity AHPA in December 2019.

If anyone should like to recommence the charity at some stage it is possible just contact us to discuss. AHPA became an official charity in 2007. Our main mission was to impact the lives of villagers by providing them with necessary health education, skills and tools to improve and sustain better health care.

We focused on our Midwives Projects with the aim of reducing maternal and neonatal deaths. By assisting the indigenous pregnant women to have a safer childbirth by providing them with training of traditional midwives, equipment, hygiene, birth kits, mother and baby care packages. We actually helped to stop mothers and babies dying in around 300 villages and influenced other villages in the same province. We worked with Tu Du Perinatal centre in Ho Chi Minh city and with the Sisters of the Miraculous Medal.

We would like to give thanks to all of those involved in helping and supporting our work.  Especially to Father Lien (deceased) who opened so many doors so that we could access these villages to help the women and their babies. The areas we supported need ongoing assistance in many ways so donations to Sisters would be much appreciated. We will continue to offer some personal support to the traditional midwives and pregnant women of Kon Tum Province.

Thank you

Best Regards

Bronwyn Jenkins RN RM